Home Videos0 “Heartbroken but Resolute”—Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Sister & NASCAR Community Left Praying for Insider’s Wellbeing After Disheartening Health Revelation

“Heartbroken but Resolute”—Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Sister & NASCAR Community Left Praying for Insider’s Wellbeing After Disheartening Health Revelation

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“Heartbroken but Resolute”—Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Sister & NASCAR Community Left Praying for Insider’s Wellbeing After Disheartening Health Revelation


Holly Cain is a name that echoes loud in the NASCAR world. The constant click-clack of her laptop keys is like music to her life. The battle-hardened NASCAR reporter produces stories as swiftly as the races she covers. Over her more than three-decade career covering the tracks, Holly Cain has carved out a niche as one of the top dogs in the business fearlessly. But currently, she’s facing a different kind of race—battling cancer in its remission stage.


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Recently, Holly Cain bravely shared her plans for surgery on January 8, 2024. The NASCAR and media community, in a heartwarming show of solidarity, have rallied around her. Her social media is abuzz with messages of encouragement, good luck wishes for her surgery, and support for her upcoming chemo and radiation treatments.

Holly Cain’s second round against cancer since 2014


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Holly Cain, who first faced off against breast cancer in July 2014, has been an open book about her journey. Not only has she shared her story widely, but she’s also spoken at public events and rallied for cancer research funds. Through it all, her passion for motorsports journalism hasn’t wavered. Her resilience and upbeat attitude even earned her the NMPA’s Spirit Award in 2015.

As the first woman to clinch the Russo Award solo, Cain’s achievements are nothing short of inspiring. But now the cancer’s back, and she’s gearing up for another tough battle. Recently, she took to Twitter to update everyone, saying, “So. … tomorrow, I have cancer surgery with daily chemo and radiation to follow in the coming weeks. I am heartbroken but resolute. I will do my best to stay hopeful and courageous fighting this again – and plan to work as I can. Prayers and good vibes appreciated. Peace! ✌️💪”

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In 2019, she disclosed her Stage 3 cancer diagnosis and being HER2-positive. The battle she fought in 2014–15 was grueling: a double mastectomy (her first-ever surgery), a hysterectomy. And that was followed by two solid months of daily radiation.

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Add to this the thrice-weekly chemo sessions, which meant daily trips to the Watson Clinic Cancer & Research Center, where IVs replenished her body with needed nutrients. Now, as Holly Cain braces for another round of surgery and chemotherapy, the entire NASCAR community is rallying behind her, sending prayers and positive thoughts for her well-being.


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NASCAR’s famous ones rally around the motorsport reporter with supportive messages

NASCAR’s well-known faces are gathering in droves on her post to send their best wishes her way. From Dale Earnhardt Jr’s sister, Kelly Earnhardt, who shared, “Man I hate to read this. Big prayers and hugs as you fight this battle again,” to Fix Business co-host Danielle Trotta, who offered, “Prayers up Holly 🫶🙏💪,” everyone’s rooting for Holly Cain’s health.

Speedway Motorsports’ President and CEO, Marcus Smith, kept it simple but heartfelt with a string of prayer emojis, “🙏🙏🙏.” Doug Rice, the voice behind Prnlive, added, “Your battle puts so much in perspective as we go through our daily lives. Sincere prayers my friend, I have now doubt you can push through this challenge.”


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Toby Christie, a fellow reporter, expressed,  “Thinking about you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this battle again, but you’re a badass, and cancer doesn’t stand a chance.” Matt Weaver from Sportsnaut chimed in with, “You are perpetually undefeated and I expect nothing less. You’ve got this and we love you!”

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